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Welcome to Final Fantasy XI:
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FFXI Game Currency Purchase Notes:

Making immediate delivery has not been made any easier as Square Enix are always HOT on everyone's back claiming they OWN the gil/item despite all players had to pay them with game purhase+subscription+play time ! ( It’s not FREE ! )
At we are dedicated to offering the most competitive price and making delivery as fast as possible. With our extensive global supply network of >1000 vendors for all the the 24 FFXI servers where upon order confirmation, restock request will be sent out to them to come fill the orders within 30-60mins ( *Pre-orders are usually fulfilled approx. within 8-36hrs on weekdays, 4-24 hrs on weekends)
Below are some stats on our site's order completion speed rating :
Within 30-60mins completion rate : approx 89.7%
Within 1-12hrs completion rate : approx 94.7%
Within 1-24hrs completion rate : approx 97.3%
> 24hrs or refund due to no stock : approx 2.7%
> 24hrs or refund due to no stock : approx 3.3%
Unlike other sites which operates on 12-16hrs a day, our reps are Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , so that we can handle all your order issues/inquires immediately.
In the event if you don't get your order within designated time frame, please remember to contact our 24x7 live help or email to check your order status ( Do ensure your email filter did not block any incoming mails from & )
Customer Bonus :
All Verified customers will enjoy 5% extra gil bonus to all future orders
In the event an order completion time is delayed (due to stock shortages) and you do not wish to wait any longer for restock to be in. Please contact our live help or email for a refund request on any undelivered qty of your order. *Orders are filled based on first come first serve basis and buyers top of the list be the first to receive their gil once stock arrive on that server.
With Effect from 15 Jan 2012 we will be conducting daily site and server maintenance from 0800hrs to 1200hrs.
There will be NO Delivery and Live Help support for orders made During This 4 hours. Live help support and delivery service WILL RESUMED After PST 1200hrs. Customers can contact us by emailing and so that we can get back to you ASAP for order pickup when live help support and delivery service resumed
Final Fantasy XI:
Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) is set in the fantasy world called Vana`diel where various quests can be performed in developing characters. And character development is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game as FFXI features a number of different character classes inspired by the Final Fantasy series.
The only monsters that drop Gil (the in-game currency) when defeated are the Beastmen. However, the Gil dropped by these monsters is in very small amounts, making it very difficult to earn FFXI Gil. This is where BELRION can help in making your gaming a more enjoyable experience.
We offer cheap FFXI Gil for adventurers in FFXI. Buy FFXI Gil at, we offer the lowest prices in the industry for Final Fantasy XI Gil through the most secure virtual trading network on the web.
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